Not all acupuncturists are created equal! I get a deep sense of well-being and health, lots more balanced energy... even at the the 3pm dip - I do more.
- Jaqui Gee LMT, Reiki Master

Sayuri is a professional with wonderful skills and compassion. She not only helped me through my surgery, chemo, and fatigue, she actually, on occasion, came to my home when it was impossible
for me to get to her. Her acupuncture treatments are painless and powerful, a great combination!
- Lana L. Holstein, MD
Director, Women's Health
Canyon Ranch

During the second acupuncture treatment I had a dramatic result. The redness in my face was changed to pink and has remained the healthier shade. I thought the redness in my cheeks that had been present for more than 20 years was going to be lifelong.

Western medicine is wonderful for so many things but not for the symptoms I was experiencing. Sayuri was able to relieve my symptoms of feeling a lump in my throat and having to clear my throat many times a day.

In addition to relieving the symptoms I came with there were other benefits I did not expect. During the acupuncture treatment I felt more and more relaxed. I felt like I was sinking more comfortably into the table. After the acupuncture treatment the relaxation continued and I felt calm and at peace. This is very helpful to me because I have one of those brains that thinks quickly and has trouble slowing down. My increased ability to concentrate and sleeping better at nights lasts for weeks after a treatment.

The acupuncture treatments from Sayuri helped me change my pattern of holding so much tension in my neck and shoulders. I have tried many other methods through the years and nothing has been as effective as her treatments.
- Pam Laubscher D.O.

I have been involved with Integrated Medicine since its inception in 1997 as part of the founding faculty of Dr. Andrew Weil's program. As such, our patients have benefited from the use of Traditional
Acupuncture. Sayuri, an excellent diagnostician in the Eastern approach, has a unique style which gets more done in less visits with less discomfort. Energy work such as Acupuncture compliments
other approaches such as Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine. I especially find it helpful for post trauma and post surgical patients as well as underlying organ health and as part of a stress
management plan. Personally, i have benefited greatly from her skills.
- Katherine A. Worden, DO

Sayuri Miura has been of tremendous help to me. Not only have her treatments eased muscular pains but have also helped me overcome anxiety.
- Joan Schumacher

Sayuri is a skilled, astute and responsive acupuncturist. She has been very helpful to me in working towards and maintaining my health.
- Maggie Harrison

Healing expertise, very loving tender caring, and friendship were all at Sayuri's clinic. Pier ability to relate warmly to those whose illness lias manifested in the mental and emotional function is remarkable.
- Patricia Murray

I loved the thoroughness and obvious care she puts into the treatments. I appreciate the way she actually tests each point and asks me for feedback as she works, and the effectiveness is obvious in the results !
- Denise Hunnicutt